6th Grade Mathematics – Online (Wednesdays 5:30 pm EST)

Instructor: Dorcus Ethridge (click to read bio)

August 26, 2020 – May 28, 2021

Course Fee: $325 (Installment Plan: $125 down and $25/month until paid in full)

Class: 15 Students

About this Course

This course will provide students with a strong knowledge of algebraic concepts. Students will attend 75 minute, weekly live lessons via Zoom and have access to the course within our online portal. Assignments for each week will be updated on Sundays. During this course, students will solidify the knowledge needed to prepare them for pre-algebra. Concepts covered during this course will include: operations with whole numbers and integers, introduction to rational numbers, properties of operations, expressions, equations and inequalities, proportional relationships and percents, measurements, geometry, and statistics and probability.

Course Information:

  • Course Length: 30 weeks
  • Course Format: Virtual
  • Prerequisites: Successful completion of 5th grade mathematics and capable of performing mathematical operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division).
  • Suggested Course Credit: 1Full-year Mathematics Course Credit

Required Text(s), Materials, or Equipment:

  • Curriculum: All Things Algebra: 6th Grade Curriculum (Included in course fee)
  • internet access, printer, pencils, graph paper, scientific calculator or access to online scientific calculator
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