Rake It Up Friday!

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Rake It Up Friday!” Our mission is to share and bring awareness to scholarship and grant opportunities. Our goal is to help students find ways to obtain industry certifications and/or degrees without building a mountain of debt! If you are a parent, please share these posts with your children. Your support and guidance will be invaluable during this time. Students, grab a notebook and a pen and let’s get down to business! 

This week, we want to highlight The United Negro College Fund (UNCF). The UNCF was founded in 1944. Since its inception, this organization has supported higher education for minorities by providing scholarships, supporting HBCUs, and advocating for both minority education and community engagement. Today, this organization manages over 27 scholarship programs with varying eligibility requirements, award amounts, and deadlines. Most deadlines are prior to October 31st of this year. If you are a minority, and a prospective college student looking for ways to finance your education, this is a great place to start looking! Visit their website , by clicking the link below, find out which scholarships you are eligible for and begin applying today!

UNCF Scholarships, Programs, Internships, and Fellowships


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