Instructor: Alicia Matthew (click to read bio)

August 7, 2020 – June 11, 2021

Course Fee: $325/student (Installment Plan: $125 down and $25/month until paid in full)

Class: 10 Students

About this Course

Students will attend two 45-minute weekly (Monday/Wednesday) live lessons via Zoom. Assignments for each week will be updated on Sundays. All sessions are designed to deepen students’ knowledge of the natural world. Students will receive a broad overview of many types of science and will cover investigative science, earth and space, water and weather, the human body, matter, as well as energy and its transformations. Students will formulate predictions, questions, or hypotheses based on observationslocate appropriate resources, design and conduct controlled investigationsanalyze and interpret data to explain correlations and results, and learn to formulate new questions in the process. This course has a hands-on and inquiry component which includes a science fair component.

  • Course Information:
  • Course Length: 30 weeks
  • Course Format: Virtual
  • Prerequisites: As science involves the premise of reading to learn and acquire new information, students must have successfully completed 3rd grade reading with strong comprehension skills.
  • Suggested Course Credit: 1 Full-year Science Course Credit

Required Text(s), Materials, or Equipment:

  • Curriculum: Everything 3rd Grade Science
  • Materials: composition notebook, internet access, printer, pencil, glue stick, scissors, color pencils and highlighters.
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